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Merry Christmas! Here is a bit of Christmas cheer from my home to yours. Enjoy ūüôāxmas-1 xmas-2 xmas-3 xmas-4


Saying my last goodbyes to summer and embracing the autumn leaves

Spotted: the last vestiges of summer at the Minnesota Arboretum

Coming into season: Honeycrisp apples and all types of pumpkins and gourds

We’re at that point in the year where the weather is crisp and the leaves are starting to change and all I want to order at the coffee shop is a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It finally really feels like fall even if there are days when it still seems like summer. I visited the Arboretum with my mom this week and experienced all facets of the current season. We saw everything from blooming pink roses to bumpy orange and yellow gourds. ¬†Along with a stroll around the grounds, we also sat in on a class of eager 1st and 2nd graders on their field trip (my mom is a volunteer at the Arboretum and brought me along with her to observe the lesson). I learned, to my surprise, that things I had always assumed were vegetables were actually fruits…and I’m not just talking about tomatoes. Peppers, corn, squash, zucchini — all fruit. Surprisingly, I think I was more shocked than the 1st graders to learn this information. Apparently, anything with seeds on the inside is a fruit, at least according to a botanist. Now, I know there are some nerds out there who will read this and think, wow Liz, I already knew that. ¬†Well, congratulations to you, but I’m pretty sure my veggie pizza should be called fruit pizza. I’m just saying.

In other news, I revitalized my Etsy shop this week! All my browsing in finding some cool artists to interview (like Mishel of Aeropagita Prints) inspired me. I made some items last summer that I meant to sell, but never got around to setting up shop. Now that I have the time, because of my recent “fun”-employment, it seemed like a good time. Check it out if you wish! I’m hoping to add to the listed items soon. Right now, I just have some beaded bobby pins listed, but I look forward to expanding on the inventory as I continue to create.

My pattern today was inspired by the fall colors and all the changing leaves. Enjoy!

Now onto a night of Parks and Rec and Project Runway. Perfect. Plus, I just found out I can get a free refill. #happythursday

Back in the ‘hood

So I’m back. Back home, that is. Some thoughts that come to mind right away as I’m sitting in this Dunn Bros. Coffee establishment: One, they should really plant more trees on my running route. Come on guys, really? Its hot. Two, these almond biscotti are delicious. I usually only get a third of one because of… you know… parents. I’m super glad I saved that gift card from last summer. Win. Sort of. Ok ok… I have to start embracing the land of 10,000 lakes instead of admitting defeat. The job search is hard — blah de blah de blah — so its ok. I’m ok. We’re all gonna be ok, guys! But if I’m still here when winter hits, Imma be mad, yo. Three, Project Runway in HD > on my laptop, if only because you can see Heidi Klum’s flaws, just barely… oh, and every¬†individual sequin on each garment. To quote Kanye, “that shit cray.” And lastly, after watching the VMAs last night, Beyonc√© and Jay-Z are soooo cute. (Images courtesy of¬†

Those are my thoughts. And wowww are those gifs making me dizzy. Anyways, I’m happy for them, not that I know them or anything. But, hey, I never claimed not to be a product of American society. I am. Deal with it.

So, this weekend, as I have mentioned, I moved out of my apartment in Evanston back home to Bloomington, MN. I won’t lie, I already miss my apartment. Its really strange to my that after almost 2 years of living in that place that I’ll never go back. I mean, as J. Beibs would tell you, “never say never,” but I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be living in that same unit again. It was good to me though, and I will always have great memories. Ok I need to stop because sitting in a coffee shop alone is depressing enough without adding sobbing¬†to the list. So, there you have it. After 8 long fun hours in the car singing to T. Swift,¬†Watch the Throne, and a little ‘N Sync with Kelsey and my Molly, I have officially moved back in with my parents.

So now for the whole design¬†part of this blog, which was the point, right? #sorryimnotsorry You also get my life story along with the patterns. Its so strange to think people actually read this. It kinda weirds me out. So, if you’re reading this, know that it kinda weirds me out. And also, thank you for visiting the Little Dipper blog! No, I’m just kidding I think its great that someone actually visits this site. Shout out to Shanika, Nadeanie, and Andy who all told me this week that they read my blog! Thanks guys!

Ok, wow. That was a tangent. I apologize. ANYWAYS…. the designs, my dear. These are probably best used for desktop patterns, but I mean, do want you want. Am I right?

There’s a color for every mood! I like these, even though Kelsey says that the little flower (last line, far left), which appears 3 times, is “too little” and “looks like its dying” so I mean, I guess its not perfect. And I know, she’s an expert, so that criticism really hit me hard. Also. If you don’t know me that well, Kelsey is my sister and NOT really a professional. I was being sarcastic. That was a little joke. Sometimes I make those, you know, when I’m talking and stuff. Anywayssssssss, I’ll post again soon.

A cover letter a day keeps the therapist away

So I have decided that even if I only apply to one job a day, I feel productive, but not overwhelmed. At this point I’m almost up to 30 applications, so it makes sense that I have slowed my search some, but I’m definitely not giving up. I had my internship today, thus was exhausted when I got home, hence took a horrifically long nap, and therefore did not get my daily dose of Ally. Nevertheless, the weekend is just around the corner and I’m sure I’ll get my fix of the Biscuit soon enough. AND Tim Gunn. Unfortunately, I don’t get Lifetime, so Project Runway watching will be my top priority after work.

I made an excess of designs yesterday, so I’m going to post the next installment now. These next couple designs are good for desktop patterns as well (sorry, you inspired me to do more, Kels!). Check it. There are some neutrals for the serious adults and some colorful ones for the crazies.

and finally… using the same color palette from the honeycomb design yesterday:

Enjoy these! I’m gonna get some sleep because unlike Wiz Khalifa claims no sleep isn’t exactly my style. At least not when I have to be downtown at 9 am.

xoxo, Liz Khalifa

Slowly becoming pattern obsessed: Studies in the three-sided polygon

As I sit in the Lincoln Park Whole Foods, I am struck by a couple of things. First, my coffee is getting a little tepid and I’m regretting not investing in Joulies. Go to that link and you’ll see. Joulies are definitely something I didn’t realize I needed until I realized I needed them. Just wait. You’ll soon realize you need them too.

I want.I’m also struck by the abundance of hipster babies. My friend Andy (@andyhob) happens to be an expert on theses ironic bundles of joy having spotted a fedora clad toddler lounging by the lake earlier this spring. Today, WF is crawling with them. Chubby little tots eating organic apple sauce, cloth diaper sticking out the back of their acid wash skinny jeans. Also. If this even qualifies, there appears to be a 13-year-old wearing combat boots, cargo pants, and black Indiana Jones-esque hat. Not sure what he’s going for, but I’m enjoying it.

Hipster baby courtesy of

Also. Did I mention that this Whole Foods has a wine and cheese bar IN THE STORE? AND one of those hi-tech dyson hand driers in the bathroom? AND almond milk next to the half and half (cleverly labeled .5 & .5) to put in your coffee? Where am I?! All I know is I don’t want to leave. Ever. But enough about paradise on North Kingsbury Street! On to the point of this post: my latest project.

Somewhere in between listening to the Tallest Man on Earth’s “The Dreamer” on repeat and talking to my sister on the phone, I was able to produce this next pattern. Before you peek at the pattern, please take a moment to think about how great triangles are and listen to this song.

Just think…triangles. Any architect will tell you its the strongest shape, in terms of its structural properties. Beyond that, just look at all of the mathematical properties centered around the triangle: the Pythagorean theorem, everyone’s favorite trigonometry¬†mnemonic device, Sohcahtoa (I know you get me math majors), and all the cool names (obtuse, scalene, oblique, isosceles, equilateral, acute…right – not quite as cool, but whatever). And just in case all this math stuff wasn’t getting you excited about triangles, let me share with you something else.

Need I say more?

So, there you have it. Triangles are awesome. I still have that song in my head. My coffee is getting past its ideal temperature and I want to stay at Whole Foods in Lincoln Park for the rest of my life.

Also. I want you to see my socah-tastic, hova-rific, hipster-baby-approved latest creation…. tah dah!

As with the other patterns these designs blend together seamlessly and are great for use on both twitter and desktop patterns. Hope you enjoy!

Just in case snail mail is still kickin’… some printable greeting cards for you

So I thought I would take a break from the patterns and focus my attention on something a little less digital. Maybe digital isn’t the right word, but bear with me. While my other projects were fun to make, they all require a computer to live. Furthermore, at 72 dpi, they weren’t meant for anything more than the screen. (My fellow nerds out there know what I mean by this number). They may brighten my MacBook, but once I close it up for the night, they’re gone. And what about my grandma? She’s pretty tech savvy, I will say, but what if I want to mail her a letter?

Anyways, I guess this project is technically just as “digital” as the last couple have been, but it seems a little more old-fashioned. You may be asking by now what movie I was watching while designing these. Oh wordpress reader, you know me too well. (P.S. I’m envisioning you grinning and shaking your head right now knowing, you’ve cracked the code of LDD.) Yes my friends, I was enjoying a film as I was putting together this little project. Its a little movie called Legally Blonde. I doubt you’ve heard of it…I’m also assuming you live in a remote village…and also under a rock. That’s what I really imagine the readers of this blog to be, that is, if anyone is reading this blog.

Ok, lets cut to the chase, and present to you my first printable creation! Each card was completely designed by me using photographs I took in Greece at the beginning of the summer. I hope they can brighten both your day (if you can find a chance to get out from under that rock) and the day of whomever you decide to send them to. Remember when you download these that you are holding a part of history in your hand! That is, if I get famous one day, you can say you had the honor of downloading my first publicly available printable greeting card and the privilege of sending that card to your mother.¬† What an amazing life you lead…

So, anyways, here are the cards. Three designs with three unique greetings and photographs. All insides are blank. Don’t get too excited…there may have been a lot of build up for nothing. But then again, maybe you’ll really like these!!! Ok, come on LD, teach yourself some self-discipline and know when to stop typing! Without further adieu, the cards: