Oh my Gourd.

This weekend I saw David Sedaris with my parents at the State Theatre in Minneapolis. He reminded me that 1) I love him and 2) I should catch up on my This American Life podcasts and 3) lots of things can be funny–even colonoscopies and dental surgery.

Oh yeah, and also, the State Theatre is really gorgeous. And old. I felt like I was back in Europe or something.

Also accomplished this weekend:

    • I cleaned my apartment–dishes and all
    • Re-watched the last two seasons of Arrested Development in preparation for its comeback in January 2013
    • Took a yoga class…ahem…a restoration yoga class, meaning I didn’t break a sweat but rather laid on the floor of a dimly lit dance studio at the Y with a group of middle aged women
    • Took a Kick-Boxing class, where I did break a sweat…and can only imagine how I’ll feel tomorrow
    • Made “adult grilled cheese,” that is grilled cheese that is made from gouda and wheat bread–not suitable for children


    • AND bought my mother a birthday present. Win.

While Halloween may have passed, we still have one good fall holiday left before we deck the halls, so I have decided to post some desktop patterns inspired by the season–before it’s too late.

I took these photos last fall at the arboretum and used some new (and old) patterns to spruce them up a little and add some more interest.

Comment if you like…or if you’re REALLY feeling adventurous, I have added a Pinterest button to share this post 😉


Minnesota’s best season and new ways to be a Little Dipper mega fan

Trees lining Lake Harriet

Yellows, reds, oranges, and greens color the foliage here in Minnesota. The fall in this state is really beautiful. I like to think that the leaves are just nature giving us a little gift before hitting us with below freezing temperatures and record breaking snowfalls. Its like giving someone a compliment before asking them for a favor or promising your kid ice cream so they’ll get a shot. Just so you know, Mother Nature, thanks for the leaves, but I’m probably still gonna complain about the blizzards. And so is everyone else. So, maybe its best we enjoy the crisp autumn temperatures and try not to anticipate the winter too much. The feeling of snot freezing in your nose… the numbness of your toes as you trudge through the snow… the way your cheeks feel all prickly when you come indoors… yeah that stuff. Don’t think about that yet. Oh, you weren’t thinking about it yet? Sorry, but I had to go there. Now maybe you’ll really appreciate the fall.

My very own store -- iPhone cases and laptop skins by LIttle Dipper!!!

I started building my Society6 store this week and might I just say, it is awesome. This site allows you to upload artwork — as much as you want — and sell prints and merchandise of it, while keeping rights to your work. Its pretty sweet. So if you were ever thinking to yourself that you wanted to help feed a starving artist, here’s your chance!

And now, for some more patterns to spice up your desktop… or whatever.

Saying my last goodbyes to summer and embracing the autumn leaves

Spotted: the last vestiges of summer at the Minnesota Arboretum

Coming into season: Honeycrisp apples and all types of pumpkins and gourds

We’re at that point in the year where the weather is crisp and the leaves are starting to change and all I want to order at the coffee shop is a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It finally really feels like fall even if there are days when it still seems like summer. I visited the Arboretum with my mom this week and experienced all facets of the current season. We saw everything from blooming pink roses to bumpy orange and yellow gourds.  Along with a stroll around the grounds, we also sat in on a class of eager 1st and 2nd graders on their field trip (my mom is a volunteer at the Arboretum and brought me along with her to observe the lesson). I learned, to my surprise, that things I had always assumed were vegetables were actually fruits…and I’m not just talking about tomatoes. Peppers, corn, squash, zucchini — all fruit. Surprisingly, I think I was more shocked than the 1st graders to learn this information. Apparently, anything with seeds on the inside is a fruit, at least according to a botanist. Now, I know there are some nerds out there who will read this and think, wow Liz, I already knew that.  Well, congratulations to you, but I’m pretty sure my veggie pizza should be called fruit pizza. I’m just saying.

In other news, I revitalized my Etsy shop this week! All my browsing in finding some cool artists to interview (like Mishel of Aeropagita Prints) inspired me. I made some items last summer that I meant to sell, but never got around to setting up shop. Now that I have the time, because of my recent “fun”-employment, it seemed like a good time. Check it out if you wish! I’m hoping to add to the listed items soon. Right now, I just have some beaded bobby pins listed, but I look forward to expanding on the inventory as I continue to create.

My pattern today was inspired by the fall colors and all the changing leaves. Enjoy!

Now onto a night of Parks and Rec and Project Runway. Perfect. Plus, I just found out I can get a free refill. #happythursday

Falling into Minnesota Life

This is the first time in 17 years that I have not gone “Back to School.” I realize this as I sit at Dunn Bros. Coffee, while a group of presumably 15-year-old girls oggle each others new backpacks and mourn the loss of summer. I presume them to be 15 because they look like they could drive, but one of them brought their mother, so I’m guessing none of them have turned the big 1-6 yet otherwise I’m thinking they would have left the mom at home.

The weird thing is that I thought it would feel really strange to not go back. To school, that is. But, in a lot of ways, I feel pretty grown up. A lot of years separate me from those girls drinking their blended coffee drinks with their bleached out summer hair. As Britney Spears once said, “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.” But actually. Goodness, why am I quoting Britney? I should be quoting Kant or something right? I mean I did graduate from Northwestern. Meh. Whatever. Sorry, Kanye, but Britney is the voice of our generation. Sort of. I mean I guess its a tie between Britney and Sasha Obama. Well, whatever, you decide.

Back to the fact that its September finally. Gahhh, this is such a strange time of year because it still sort of feels like summer, but the breeze is getting a little cooler and humidity has subsided. There’s something in the air that makes jeans more appealing than dresses, and its not just the temperature. Its just a matter of weeks before we’ll all be raking the lawn and baking apple pie reminiscing about family vacations and days at the beach. So as the last days of the MInnesota State Fair are upon us, I write this blog post with hope that Fall doesn’t go by too fast, because I’m not sure I’m ready for another blizzard just yet.

So, there you have it. For all of you who are going back to school, here’s a print that’s sure to get you in the mood for breaking into that spankin’ new 32 pack of Crayolas.