Happy Halloween from Little Dipper

Too tired to write a long post, but thought I would share a bit of Halloween spirit with everyone on this second debate night. This is not the place for politics, so suffice it to say, I like Wolf Blitzer’s glasses and the town hall atmosphere was a nice change of pace. I especially liked the hairdo of that one lady. You know who I’m talking about.

It’s time for me to get back to posting.

Also, this is post #50. Milestone. BAM.

Did you, loyal fan, realize that I haven’t posted since February? Maybe so, maybe you have been counting up the days (233) since I last posted. If you have, you are crazy. Please stop reading this blog.

I have learned that doing a 26 part series to “catch you up” didn’t quite suit me. Instead, I will be concise and to the point (aren’t I always?) about some key points over the last couple of months… hmmm.. entire seasons have passed since I posted last… nevertheless, here you go. HERE are my good excuses for not posting (in no particular chronological or other type of order)

  1. I got a job.
  2. I took the LSAT.
  3. I moved into an apartment in Uptown (Minneapolis).
  4. I saw Magic Mike.
  5. I visited Sioux CIty, Madison, and Chicago.
  6. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding.
  7. I turned 23.
  8. I ate my first and second Pumpkin Pie Blizzard of the season.
  9. I watched the Real World: St. Thomas in its entirety.
  10. I switched my Facebook to Timeline.

From this list you can see that I am QUITE the busy woman and that I couldn’t have possibly had time to blog while doing all of those amazing things…erm.. right?

Ok, so maybe I just lost track of time and ideas, but I really do want to start posting again on a somewhat regular basis, so here goes.

Look forward to some upcoming rants and ravings* about…

  • Project Runway, Season 10 (otherwise known as the season Heidi went through her mid-life crisis)
  • Downton Abbey (and the oh-so-dreamy Matthew Crawley)
  • My halloween costume
  • Holidays in general
  • Whatever I’m watching on Netflix
  • The weather
  • Kirby Derby

*Rants and ravings are subject to change based on my disposition at time of posting. Nothing is guaranteed. Especially if I’m hungry.

Love you all, Liz


The ABC’s of my non-blogging life, part 5… Finally.

Whew. Let me just say that 26 is a lot of letters. And also I’ve been kind of busy. And I meant to post this the same week as part 4, but I, as you can see, did not.

U is for unseasonal weather. Though for a second I thought that perhaps this lack of snow was bound to be a temporary pre-winter tease, it is now February 26th and I can nly recall one time this winter when the snot in my noce froze. That, my lovely readers, is a winter miracle, especially in Minnesota. Record high temperatures and near non-existant snowfall have made this winter one for the record books. Also, all you global warming non-believers can suck it.

U is for unseasonable weather.

V is for Volkswagen. As in I went to the dealership and I want one. A new beetle. In red. However unrealistic that may be. And also I thought it was cheesy to say V is for Valentines Day. Although I did have a lovely Valentines Day this year. For once.

V is for Volkswagen.

W is for wedding.  Not mine, just to clarify. My oldest friend (we’ve been besties since age 2) Laura is getting married this summer and has asked me to be a bridesmaid! If nothing else this has given me even more of a reason to watch Say Yes to the Dress marathons on TLC.

W is for wedding.

X is for x-stitch. I have completed a couple cross-stich projects this winter affirming the fact that I am an old woman. If you’re at all interested in the pattern I used for the bird design, you can find it at my hero’s website, MarthaStewart.com.

X is for x-stitch.

Y is for WHY. As in WHY did I think it was a good idea to come up with an activity for every letter of the alphabet?

Z is for zero. As in, I have zero ideas for what to put for something that starts with a Z. All I can think of is zoo and zebra, and I think it would be going a little overboard to visit the zoo  for the sole purpose of being able to write on my blog that I acually completed an activity that started with a Z. So, yeah, whatever. Its my blog and I can skip letters of the alphabet if I want to.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for my next post. Who knows when it will be, but you can expect it to be epic. And not something that requires 5 installments. I have had enough of that, thank you very much.


The ABC’s of my non-blogging life, part 4

I’m back from a wonderful weekend with my 4th entry of the ABC’s of my non-blogging life. Sure, there are probably more non-alphabetical things I could blog about, but hey, I already committed to this format and I’m gonna finish it! Plus, I’m watching the Golden Globes and I’m just not up to putting any more energy into this.

P is for Project Runway All-Stars. Its back. Well sort of. Project Runway All-Stars, though spattered with a couple fan favorites, is not exactly a competition of “the best of the best.” I’m not saying I’m not going to watch it. I’m merely saying, where is Daniel Vosovic? Also, I have to say PR without Tim Gunn is barely PR at all. So, yes, I have been watching it, and all I have to say is Mondo better win this time. (I should also mention, a close second for the letter P was Pinterest. Check out my boards here.)

P is for Project Runway All Stars.

Q is for quilting.Inspired by Anthropoligie, I have started a twin-sized flying geese quilt. I have most of the triangles cut, some of them sewn, and already feel a bit in over my head. I’ll let you know when I finish…I estimate it will be sometime circa 2015.

Q is for quilting.

R is for reading. As in reading Lolita, even if my copy from the used book store is literally falling apart. Also re-reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close because I keep on seeing those trailers for the movie. And of course, reading the New York Times on Sundays, like today.

R is for reading.

S is for Society6. I started selling my designs on Society6 earlier this year and finally ordered some–2 iPhone cases and a laptop skin. Its pretty cool to see my designs in action!

S is for Society6.

T is for temping.About the week before Thanksgiving, I started temping at a small company in Eden Prairie. Since that time, I have become the master of making copies, sending contracts via UPS, and using Microsoft Office (although, lets face it, I was basically a pro at that before). Its been nice to keep busy and even nicer to make money.

T is for temping.

The ABC’s of my non-blogging life, part 3

Installment number 3 of the alphabetical list of the things I’ve been up to. Also, happy Friday the 13th! (F is for Friday — that means I get to wear jeans today.)

K is for Kirby. I wanted an excuse to post this picture of Kirby in a snuggie. Also, we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Oh and I saved his life when I got home from work last week and let him into the house after my mom forgot about him.

K is for Kirby

L is for Lizz Winstead. I saw Lizz, co-founder of the Daily Show, perform on New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis with the family. She was funny. Maybe you should buy her book or follow her on twitter.

L is for Lizz Winstead.

M is for macaron. Ever since my time studying abroad in Paris, I have missed these French sweets. I decided to make white chocolate macarons over the holidays since I had the time. While nothing can top Pierre Hermé and La Dureé, these were still pretty tasty.

M is for macaron.

N is for Netflix instant play. From Skins (U.K. obviously) to Ally McBeal to Bill Cunningham New York, Netflix instant provides an array of entertainment options. I have been watching a lot of it lately.

O is for Obama. As in Michelle Obama. And, more specifically Michelle Obama’s arms. I know its not the most topical reference, but its been an aspiration of mine for a while to get buff like the first lady. With the help of the Nike Training Club App I have been making my way to pumped up biceps — or at least the ability to open jars.

Stay tuned for P through T next week.

The ABC’s of my non-blogging life, part 2

Part deux, everyone. I have decided to post my alphabet series every other day since, to be honest, I’m still pretty busy with all of the things on this list (well some of the things on the list).

F is for Fridays. Casual Fridays, that is. Its my new favorite day of the week. Sure, it was fun in the beginning to dress up for work (its a temp job, by the way, see T is for temping coming later this week), but after 4 days of blazers and tights, jeans never felt so good.

F is for Fridays.

G is for gift wrapping. What’s the best part of Christmas? Giving, right? But, what’s the best part about giving? Wrapping! Well, that’s my favorite part at least. Ribbons, paper, gift tags, I love it. And I like seeing what my family does, too. The only sad part is that you have to unwrap the gifts…but I guess thats also the fun part.

G is for gift wrapping.

H is for history. With a groupon in hand, the Derby family (see D is for Derby bonding, posted yesterday), visited the 1968 exhibit at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. As a history nerd, I loved it. Also, there were a lot of old hippies there that also seemed to enjoy it.

H is for history.

I is for Its a Brad, Brad World. The show debuted on Bravo this week centered around Brad Goreski, former styling assistant to Rachel Zoe. It has potential, but he needs some more jobs. That being said, I love me a stylish Canadian gay man. Any day. So count me in.

I is for Its a Brad, Brad World

J is for jogging. Now, the reason I really wanted to put this on my list was because of the shoes. My multi-colored new balance running shoes have made working out all the more enjoyable. Plus, what else starts with “J”?

J is for jogging.

The ABC’s of my non-blogging life, part 1

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Liz Derby… maybe you remember me from that blog I used to keep up with? Happy 2012 everyone! I can feel it. Its gonna be a good year.

I guess the irony of calling this the “ABC’s of my non-blogging life” is that by blogging about it, I am admittedly intertwining the two parts of my life, however, I wanted to call this post by that name because of my recent blogging hiatus. I wanted to let all you avid LD followers (if you even exist) that I haven’t really dropped off the face of the earth, just the face of the blogosphere. I have actually been quite busy, hence the lack of social media correspondance. Seriously, you think my blog is bad, you should see my twitter feed.

I have been thinking about this post for a while and what I would post about given my long absence. Then, I thought of this brilliant idea. Ok, maybe “brilliant” is over stating it a little, but I mean I still think its decent. I decided to do an ABC’s list of what I have been up to for the past month and a half or so. I plan on posting this in segments. One a day for 5 days straight. So, here goes nothing — A through E of Liz Derby’s holiday from Little Dipper.

A is for Anthropologie. I love it. I can’t afford it. The reason its on the list? First, I love looking through the site for inspiration. Browsing their accessories and home sections are great places to look for ideas. In fact, I started a quilt (look forward to Q for more details on that) based on one from Anthropologie. I also made a snowglobe-esque winter decoration from a glass jar, pictured below, based on one sold for around $30. Second, they have awesome sales every once in a while. See boots below. Lets just say I was able to save $200 off the original price. Oh how I love a good sale.

A is for Anthropologie.

B is for Beyoncé. Let’s just say I have been listening to a lot of her. From the treadmill to the highway, listening to Countdown seems to compliment an array of my daily activities. Plus, I think its fitting to put her on the list given the arrival of baby Blue Ivy Carter. I mean who doesn’t love a celebrity baby, especially when her parents are music royalty?

B is for Beyoncé.

C is for crafting. As you know, if you know me at all, I love crafting. With my time off from work and the creative juices flowing from all the Anthro browsing, I was ready to create. I made a headband and necklace out of buttons I had lying around.

C is for crafting.

D is for Derby bonding. I have been hanging with my parents a lot, since I still live with them and all (see picture below of the last time it was just me and them in the house). But with Thanksgiving and Christmas and my sister home from school, family togetherness reached a whole new level.  Its all good though. I like them 😉

D is for Derby bonding.

E is for Etsy. I have a store on Etsy where I sell some of the crafts I’ve made. Right now all I have up is bobby pins, but I definitely want to add more. Beyond selling (2 sales so far!), I love to browse the site to find pretty things. From homemade items to great vintage finds, I always find something I want.

E is for Etsy.

Stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow!