Baby, it’s cold outside.


Baby, it's cold outside.

Happy Dec. 2nd!


Get well soon, MacBaby

Bad news guys… my baby is in the hospital. And by baby I mean my Macbook, and by hospital I mean the Apple Store. Nothing is severely wrong with it, but the plastic on the edges is chipped, and they’ll fix it for free, so …. yeah. I dropped her off around 4 today, so I’m hoping to get it back soon, however, in the mean time the patterns I was going to post tonight AND the capabilities to make new projects (i.e. the Adobe Creative Suite) are currently unavailable. Ohps.

Reason I'm thankful for my mega mega lens

Today I went to the Arboretum with my mom, grandma, and sister, and, despite the humidity, had a pretty great time. All the sunflowers were in bloom — and huge! They were so cheery! I also spent the day running around town running errands with my lil sis since she’s going back to school tomorrow. I’m pretty sad to see her go, actually really sad, because goodbyes pretty much suck. But that’s why they invented Skype right?

insert quirky witty caption here

Anyways, I’m adjusting to being back home again. I still need to unpack hardcore, but its hard when I’m not sure exactly when or where I’m going to find a job… #recentgradproblems I’m sure it’ll work itself out. But in the meantime, I definitely have a Minneapolis bucket list. I still need to go to the Mall of America, and I have a list of coffee shops I need to check out, courtesy of Yelp, which is perfect because I still have a lot of cover letters and resumes to submit. Plus, there’s India Palace, I need to go there before I go wherever I’m headed. And, in general, I need to utilize the joys of living in a real home like laundry on site, HD television, home cooked meals, and my dog. He’s pretty cute and pretty cuddly. I like him.

Kirby Derby

So all in all, I’ve had a pretty good last couple of days. Project Runway is on tonight and I can watch it with my family by my side and a slice of homemade cherry pie in my mouth, which makes it pretty great. To quote the all and mighty Liz Lemon, “Hey, nerds! Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn’t cried once today? This moi.” So, yeah, I’m doing ok.

Back in the ‘hood

So I’m back. Back home, that is. Some thoughts that come to mind right away as I’m sitting in this Dunn Bros. Coffee establishment: One, they should really plant more trees on my running route. Come on guys, really? Its hot. Two, these almond biscotti are delicious. I usually only get a third of one because of… you know… parents. I’m super glad I saved that gift card from last summer. Win. Sort of. Ok ok… I have to start embracing the land of 10,000 lakes instead of admitting defeat. The job search is hard — blah de blah de blah — so its ok. I’m ok. We’re all gonna be ok, guys! But if I’m still here when winter hits, Imma be mad, yo. Three, Project Runway in HD > on my laptop, if only because you can see Heidi Klum’s flaws, just barely… oh, and every individual sequin on each garment. To quote Kanye, “that shit cray.” And lastly, after watching the VMAs last night, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are soooo cute. (Images courtesy of

Those are my thoughts. And wowww are those gifs making me dizzy. Anyways, I’m happy for them, not that I know them or anything. But, hey, I never claimed not to be a product of American society. I am. Deal with it.

So, this weekend, as I have mentioned, I moved out of my apartment in Evanston back home to Bloomington, MN. I won’t lie, I already miss my apartment. Its really strange to my that after almost 2 years of living in that place that I’ll never go back. I mean, as J. Beibs would tell you, “never say never,” but I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be living in that same unit again. It was good to me though, and I will always have great memories. Ok I need to stop because sitting in a coffee shop alone is depressing enough without adding sobbing to the list. So, there you have it. After 8 long fun hours in the car singing to T. Swift, Watch the Throne, and a little ‘N Sync with Kelsey and my Molly, I have officially moved back in with my parents.

So now for the whole design part of this blog, which was the point, right? #sorryimnotsorry You also get my life story along with the patterns. Its so strange to think people actually read this. It kinda weirds me out. So, if you’re reading this, know that it kinda weirds me out. And also, thank you for visiting the Little Dipper blog! No, I’m just kidding I think its great that someone actually visits this site. Shout out to Shanika, Nadeanie, and Andy who all told me this week that they read my blog! Thanks guys!

Ok, wow. That was a tangent. I apologize. ANYWAYS…. the designs, my dear. These are probably best used for desktop patterns, but I mean, do want you want. Am I right?

There’s a color for every mood! I like these, even though Kelsey says that the little flower (last line, far left), which appears 3 times, is “too little” and “looks like its dying” so I mean, I guess its not perfect. And I know, she’s an expert, so that criticism really hit me hard. Also. If you don’t know me that well, Kelsey is my sister and NOT really a professional. I was being sarcastic. That was a little joke. Sometimes I make those, you know, when I’m talking and stuff. Anywayssssssss, I’ll post again soon.

Little Dipper’s Day Off

Yesterday was a really good day. It included: waking up at noon, drinking a fresh cup of coffee (made from a FREE bag of beans), spending the afternoon at the Museum of Contemporary Art, browsing the shops in Belmont, eating dinner with three great friends, and ending the night with a Hippie Shake (banana, peanut butter, and honey milkshake) at Kafein. To top it all off, we headed to Nevin’s after Kafein and the bartender gave us free beer! It was grand.

My sister and her friend are in town, so I finally had an excuse to do some exploring and legitimately take the day off from thinking about the real world (but not the Real World which always somehow slips itself into the conversation when me and Kels are together). And, happily, in spite of my day of rest, I received emails from two prospective employers. No job offers yet, but I feel so much better getting some feedback from a couple of the 20+ applications I have sent out.

my excuses to take the day off

The museum was entirely inspirational. I loved the Mark Bradford exhibit. I love big paintings. They just make you feel like you’re really in it. I don’t want to geek out too much on you, so suffice it to say, I liked it and it makes me want to paint. I have never really worked on an abstract painting, but now I want to try. I think pattern and abstract painting have some similarities. If I get time, I think it could be a good summer project.

So the museum itself was great, but I think we can all agree that the museum gift shop, as I said yesterday, is really the “cherry on top” of the whole museum experience.  There are books, postcards, and millions of other artsy fun things that you would never buy, but always want to. A purse made from a billboard sign? A necklace constructed out of bottle tops? A solar-powered waving Queen of England (see below)? All amazing. All over-priced. All worth going to a contemporary art museum to see.

Long live the Art Museum Gift Shop!

Perhaps the most enjoyment I got from any one item in the museum gift shop was this book titled Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You. I know they make these things so that everyone thinks the description fits them even though it could really fit anyone, but I honestly think the results of this book were a little creepily close to real life (at least for my sister and me). My sister got a rich shade of red as her birthday color, coincidentally, red is one of her favorite colors. I got dusty shade green, which if you knew me well you would know basically describes the color palette for most of my apartment and a lot of my wardrobe. Its also one of those colors I just like. In fact, the original Little Dipper logo was going to be in a similar shade before I decided to go with a more playful bright orange and yellow palette.

A sampling of images illustrating my love for this hue.

So I will conclude this post with the promise that I will post another design project soon and the hope that “soon” means the same for you as is does for me. Time is subjective, right? Just like technology is cyclical? (Thank you, Dennis Duffy for that terrific line.) Anyways…. till next time, LD

the Little Dipper takes the plunge

Here it is. Day 1 of my experiment. Can I come up with new content for a design blog every day for the rest of the summer? Other bloggers have succeeded swimmingly at this feat, but can I? And, honestly, I’m not talking content like an interesting article to discuss or a new website I discovered. No. I want to make things. I want to post things that other people can enjoy, download, and pass on to their friends…unless they happen to really suck (I mean its not like I’m Van Gogh or anything). But even if they DO suck, I’m doing this for me, to keep me sane and to improve my skills.

OK, so here’s the deal, I have always loved sewing and painting, but, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I don’t know) those types of crafts require almost complete concentration i.e. MacBook separation anxiety. Being in the middle of a 24/7 job search to find a career fit for a grown woman, I feel the need to be near to my flat-screened companion as much as possible.  Beyond that whole “concentration” element, these more traditional arts require supplies that cost money that I don’t have.  On the flip side, designing graphics is basically free once you have a computer and the Adobe Creative Suite (thanks Dad!). So here on out, Little Dipper Design is to become my summer side project.

I pledge to post my weekly creations, good and bad, to this blog. You down with LDD? Yeah. You know me.