Happy Halloween from Little Dipper

Too tired to write a long post, but thought I would share a bit of Halloween spirit with everyone on this second debate night. This is not the place for politics, so suffice it to say, I like Wolf Blitzer’s glasses and the town hall atmosphere was a nice change of pace. I especially liked the hairdo of that one lady. You know who I’m talking about.

It’s time for me to get back to posting.

Also, this is post #50. Milestone. BAM.

Did you, loyal fan, realize that I haven’t posted since February? Maybe so, maybe you have been counting up the days (233) since I last posted. If you have, you are crazy. Please stop reading this blog.

I have learned that doing a 26 part series to “catch you up” didn’t quite suit me. Instead, I will be concise and to the point (aren’t I always?) about some key points over the last couple of months… hmmm.. entire seasons have passed since I posted last… nevertheless, here you go. HERE are my good excuses for not posting (in no particular chronological or other type of order)

  1. I got a job.
  2. I took the LSAT.
  3. I moved into an apartment in Uptown (Minneapolis).
  4. I saw Magic Mike.
  5. I visited Sioux CIty, Madison, and Chicago.
  6. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding.
  7. I turned 23.
  8. I ate my first and second Pumpkin Pie Blizzard of the season.
  9. I watched the Real World: St. Thomas in its entirety.
  10. I switched my Facebook to Timeline.

From this list you can see that I am QUITE the busy woman and that I couldn’t have possibly had time to blog while doing all of those amazing things…erm.. right?

Ok, so maybe I just lost track of time and ideas, but I really do want to start posting again on a somewhat regular basis, so here goes.

Look forward to some upcoming rants and ravings* about…

  • Project Runway, Season 10 (otherwise known as the season Heidi went through her mid-life crisis)
  • Downton Abbey (and the oh-so-dreamy Matthew Crawley)
  • My halloween costume
  • Holidays in general
  • Whatever I’m watching on Netflix
  • The weather
  • Kirby Derby

*Rants and ravings are subject to change based on my disposition at time of posting. Nothing is guaranteed. Especially if I’m hungry.

Love you all, Liz


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