The ABC’s of my non-blogging life, part 4

I’m back from a wonderful weekend with my 4th entry of the ABC’s of my non-blogging life. Sure, there are probably more non-alphabetical things I could blog about, but hey, I already committed to this format and I’m gonna finish it! Plus, I’m watching the Golden Globes and I’m just not up to putting any more energy into this.

P is for Project Runway All-Stars. Its back. Well sort of. Project Runway All-Stars, though spattered with a couple fan favorites, is not exactly a competition of “the best of the best.” I’m not saying I’m not going to watch it. I’m merely saying, where is Daniel Vosovic? Also, I have to say PR without Tim Gunn is barely PR at all. So, yes, I have been watching it, and all I have to say is Mondo better win this time. (I should also mention, a close second for the letter P was Pinterest. Check out my boards here.)

P is for Project Runway All Stars.

Q is for quilting.Inspired by Anthropoligie, I have started a twin-sized flying geese quilt. I have most of the triangles cut, some of them sewn, and already feel a bit in over my head. I’ll let you know when I finish…I estimate it will be sometime circa 2015.

Q is for quilting.

R is for reading. As in reading Lolita, even if my copy from the used book store is literally falling apart. Also re-reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close because I keep on seeing those trailers for the movie. And of course, reading the New York Times on Sundays, like today.

R is for reading.

S is for Society6. I started selling my designs on Society6 earlier this year and finally ordered some–2 iPhone cases and a laptop skin. Its pretty cool to see my designs in action!

S is for Society6.

T is for temping.About the week before Thanksgiving, I started temping at a small company in Eden Prairie. Since that time, I have become the master of making copies, sending contracts via UPS, and using Microsoft Office (although, lets face it, I was basically a pro at that before). Its been nice to keep busy and even nicer to make money.

T is for temping.


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