The ABC’s of my non-blogging life, part 3

Installment number 3 of the alphabetical list of the things I’ve been up to. Also, happy Friday the 13th! (F is for Friday — that means I get to wear jeans today.)

K is for Kirby. I wanted an excuse to post this picture of Kirby in a snuggie. Also, we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Oh and I saved his life when I got home from work last week and let him into the house after my mom forgot about him.

K is for Kirby

L is for Lizz Winstead. I saw Lizz, co-founder of the Daily Show, perform on New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis with the family. She was funny. Maybe you should buy her book or follow her on twitter.

L is for Lizz Winstead.

M is for macaron. Ever since my time studying abroad in Paris, I have missed these French sweets. I decided to make white chocolate macarons over the holidays since I had the time. While nothing can top Pierre Hermé and La Dureé, these were still pretty tasty.

M is for macaron.

N is for Netflix instant play. From Skins (U.K. obviously) to Ally McBeal to Bill Cunningham New York, Netflix instant provides an array of entertainment options. I have been watching a lot of it lately.

O is for Obama. As in Michelle Obama. And, more specifically Michelle Obama’s arms. I know its not the most topical reference, but its been an aspiration of mine for a while to get buff like the first lady. With the help of the Nike Training Club App I have been making my way to pumped up biceps — or at least the ability to open jars.

Stay tuned for P through T next week.


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