The ABC’s of my non-blogging life, part 2

Part deux, everyone. I have decided to post my alphabet series every other day since, to be honest, I’m still pretty busy with all of the things on this list (well some of the things on the list).

F is for Fridays. Casual Fridays, that is. Its my new favorite day of the week. Sure, it was fun in the beginning to dress up for work (its a temp job, by the way, see T is for temping coming later this week), but after 4 days of blazers and tights, jeans never felt so good.

F is for Fridays.

G is for gift wrapping. What’s the best part of Christmas? Giving, right? But, what’s the best part about giving? Wrapping! Well, that’s my favorite part at least. Ribbons, paper, gift tags, I love it. And I like seeing what my family does, too. The only sad part is that you have to unwrap the gifts…but I guess thats also the fun part.

G is for gift wrapping.

H is for history. With a groupon in hand, the Derby family (see D is for Derby bonding, posted yesterday), visited the 1968 exhibit at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. As a history nerd, I loved it. Also, there were a lot of old hippies there that also seemed to enjoy it.

H is for history.

I is for Its a Brad, Brad World. The show debuted on Bravo this week centered around Brad Goreski, former styling assistant to Rachel Zoe. It has potential, but he needs some more jobs. That being said, I love me a stylish Canadian gay man. Any day. So count me in.

I is for Its a Brad, Brad World

J is for jogging. Now, the reason I really wanted to put this on my list was because of the shoes. My multi-colored new balance running shoes have made working out all the more enjoyable. Plus, what else starts with “J”?

J is for jogging.


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