Little Dipper visits the Walker

Me after seeing the Walker Art Center's new exhibit on graphic design. I look pretty happy, right?

As you may have noticed by reading through my other posts, I love art museums. In the past couple of months since I started Little Dipper, I have visited Chicago’s MCA, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Boston’s MFA. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that the Walker Art Center was opening an exhibit called Graphic Design: Now in Production. My two favorite things! Plus, you’ve got to admit that the gift shop was gonna be stocked with some pretty nice stuff after an exhibit like that. And surely enough, it was. Even without the gift shop, however, the exhibit was great.

From infographics to logos to magazines to fonts, the exhibit encapsulated everything I wish could be in a museum, but normally isn’t. One of my favorite pieces in the exhibit was a series of posters done by Albert Exergian of iconic TV shows done in the minimalist Swiss style. You can actually see the entire collection and purchase prints of the posters here.

Images taken from

Another cool part of the exhibit was an interactive piece where you could make your own poster.  There was a computer set up and linked to a printer of sorts, except it didn’t use ink, but rather cut circular holes out of sheets of white paper to form words and phrases.  Viewers of the piece were able to personalize their own posters with

A picture of the piece courtesy of the Walker's Flickr photostream

whatever they pleased (for free, which was awesome). I, of course, anticipated this very blog post and chose something appropriate: Little Dipper. And although the security lady yelled at me for making it too many lines (I guess you were supposed to stick to 3 or less), I was able to get a pretty great souvenir out of the deal. See below.

I’m sure there were more parts of the exhibit I could dote on, but, let’s be real, its always better in person. If you’re really interested in an expert’s opinion, check out the New York Times review of the show.

I don’t really have any new projects to post — at least not any good ones. I do, however, have another interview set up with Minnesota graphic designer, Nicole Meyer. I first heard about her and her Branding 10,000 Lakes project in this Star Tribune article. She has also been featured on FastCo design, so I am very honored that she agreed to do an interview with LD. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions for her! I’d be happy to pass on any that you may have.

Til next time, Liz


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