Jack-o-Lantern carving and designing with circles

With a little help from Martha and a bit of elbow grease, I carved the perfect Jack-o-Lantern just in time for Halloween. While my mother claimed to have bought the pumpkin for a fun project for us to do, it ended up being my project as soon as my mother got too engrossed in Facebook to help out. I’m not bitter. But my arm is a little sore. Anyways, the template for the pumpkin came from a collection of patterns found on Martha Stewart’s website. I just downloaded it, printed it out, and taped it on just as people have been doing for centuries… Then came the poking holes around the edge of pattern, classic pumpkin carving move, and then, of course, the actual carving. To be fair, my mom did come in at the end to clean up the edges a little. I bet she felt pretty cool swooping in after I did all the heavy lifting. She had the benefit of her hand not shaking. So in the end, I guess it was a team effort.

He looks pretty cute, right? I mean scared, but still kinda cute. It is Halloween after all. He’s probably just scared that all the binging on trick-or-treating candy will lead to even more binging on Thanksgiving pie come November. This, in turn, will culminate in stuffing his face with Christmas cookies. Obviously, all of this holiday spirit is going to be a slippery slope for Mr. Pumpkin as he will also be wearing plenty of big puffy vests and chunky sweaters at this point hiding his overall swelling. Then, come Valentines day, no girl pumpkins will want to date him because, frankly, all he will fit in will be his sweat suits. I’m not sure if you guys can relate to the situation since that narrative is so specific to pumpkins, but I figured I would enlighten you all to the gourd/pumpkin lifestyle nonetheless.

Back to the design part of this bloggy blog. Here are the latest desktop patterns. Enjoy yo.


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