Back from NU with some new desktop patterns

So yesterday, I may have been at Peace Coffee soaking up the hip atmosphere amidst a sea of cool young flannel-clad twenty-somethings with MacBooks, but today I’m back to my old haunt: the Eden Prairie Smith Douglas More House Dunn Bros.

my latest hangout

Whew. That was quite the mouthful. That’s what she said. I’m sorry. I had to. Anywho, I am sleepy today and this coffee is barely cutting it. Plus, now its getting cold, the coffee I mean, not the weather. Boo. Cold coffee is the worst, unless of course it is ice coffee, in which case, it is the best.

To add to my overall discontent, the Internet is down, although, I seem to be the only one out of the five people with laptops in the room that seems to notice. So maybe its just me? I’m hopeful it will come back, but for now I am writing this post on Microsoft Word. I know. Lame. I actually just saved this document as “So yesterday,” which, as you can see, are the first two words of the first paragraph. To a computer, it makes sense that I would want to name my document after the first couple words of this post. However, to a human, this title is likely to conjure up memories of Hilary Duff’s loveable classic “So Yesterday,” now currently playing over and over again in my head.

Moving on, I just got back from Homecoming weekend in Evanston. It was wonderful to catch up with friends and consume copious amounts of pizza and beer. White and purple, white and purple. (Sorry I’m not sorry I just quoted Chet Haze). In classic Northwestern style, we did not win the game. In classic Liz Derby style, I did not stay to see the end of the game. Instead, my friend Zach coerced me into ducking out around half time and scarfing down Joy Yee’s crab rangoons and sesame chicken instead. I’m basically 100% sure that was the right decision.

Now that I’m back home, I think I’ll stay here for a while. Eight hours both ways alone in a minivan is an experience that no amount of This American Life podcasts can remedy.  I knew that when adult diapers started seeming like a good idea, a la astronaut Lisa Nowak, I had maybe gotten in a little over my head. In the end, the trip was worth it, but I could definitely wait a while before attempting such a feat again.

I will now present you with my next set up desktop patterns. They are a variation on a leaf pattern I posted a couple weeks ago now. Variations on these designs are available for purchase in my Society6 store for those interested. Let me know if there are any not on Society6 that you are interested in and I will add them!
 And now that thats done, I’m on to watching my TiVo’d Sing Off from this week. I love the Dartmouth Aires. Especially Michael, what a cutie.



One thought on “Back from NU with some new desktop patterns

  1. THE SING OFF. I’m partial to Afro Blue, but Dartmouth Aires (Michael) are so great. Love the new designs 🙂 Glad to hear you had fun at NUHC!

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