Minnesota’s best season and new ways to be a Little Dipper mega fan

Trees lining Lake Harriet

Yellows, reds, oranges, and greens color the foliage here in Minnesota. The fall in this state is really beautiful. I like to think that the leaves are just nature giving us a little gift before hitting us with below freezing temperatures and record breaking snowfalls. Its like giving someone a compliment before asking them for a favor or promising your kid ice cream so they’ll get a shot. Just so you know, Mother Nature, thanks for the leaves, but I’m probably still gonna complain about the blizzards. And so is everyone else. So, maybe its best we enjoy the crisp autumn temperatures and try not to anticipate the winter too much. The feeling of snot freezing in your nose… the numbness of your toes as you trudge through the snow… the way your cheeks feel all prickly when you come indoors… yeah that stuff. Don’t think about that yet. Oh, you weren’t thinking about it yet? Sorry, but I had to go there. Now maybe you’ll really appreciate the fall.

My very own store -- iPhone cases and laptop skins by LIttle Dipper!!!

I started building my Society6 store this week and might I just say, it is awesome. This site allows you to upload artwork — as much as you want — and sell prints and merchandise of it, while keeping rights to your work. Its pretty sweet. So if you were ever thinking to yourself that you wanted to help feed a starving artist, here’s your chance!

And now, for some more patterns to spice up your desktop… or whatever.


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