My Uptown visiting, Etsy browsing, pattern designing life.

I feel a little groggy today, but the coffee I am currently consuming seems to be helping a bit. I just got back from a trip to Specs Optical in Uptown to pick up my dad’s new frames. The frames are kind of geeky cool–a cross between Mad Men and Revenge of the Nerds–perfect for my father, a college professor. Needless to say, my mom and I played a pretty big role in helping him pick them out. There were two great things about being roped into

Now I can clean my glasses in style

this particular errand: (1) Raymond, a Specs employee who helped us out last time, let me pick out a cleaning cloth of my own after he saw me eyeing the one included with my dad’s new purchase (see left), and (2) the Lucia’s To Go chocolate eclair that was crazy delicious and a perfect companion to Dunn Bros coffee. So now, I sit at my laptop with an array of possible careers open in each one of my tabs (except for this one) preparing myself for another day of cover letter writing. Bonus: my dad is joining me today and coincidently also paid for the coffee. Can you say father-daughter bonding?

Abstract Art Print from Mishel's Etsy Shop

One of the many beautiful pieces from Aeropagita Prints

So besides all the bonding and job searching, I also have been thinking of ways to expand Little Dipper. I mean I love making designs and posting them, but let’s be honest, I’ve been doing that for a while and I feel like I should mix it up a little. I know I like what I create, but I also really love looking at what other designers have come up with. I read design blogs, browse Etsy, and “window shop” virtually almost every day to see what else is out there and to get inspiration. Yesterday, as I was looking through items on Etsy I was really struck by one designer’s shop in particular. The Aeropagita Prints shop sells an array of abstract art prints that are colorful, flirty, and dynamic. I thought to myself, I would really love to connect with this artist. And then, I realized that I could. In fact, I could even interview the artist and post it right here! Anyways, flash forward about a half an hour after my initial request and Mishel, the owner of the Aeropagita Prints shop, agreed to be interviewed. In fact, I believe her response was something to the tune of “Yes yes yes!” The plan is that I will post the interview sometime next week (hopefully!), but if you have any questions for her in the meantime, please comment on this post or email them to me! And check out her shop–everything is beautiful and pretty moderately priced (prints start at $19).

And now onto what I have been up to. You guessed it, more patterns! This time I was specifically thinking of fabric design when I conceived these pieces. They are larger files than some of the other patterns I have worked on making them optimal for printing (versus using the images solely on the web). I think they have a bit of a nautical vibe personally. Lots of variations — so enjoy! And also, so you know, while they were made with fabric in mind, they still work great for desktop backgrounds and twitter personalization! There are 2 variations, the one knot and the double knot.

These where mainly created while watching Thursday night TV, i.e. Community, Parks and Recreation, Big Bang Theory, and Project Runway. Hands down the best night of the week, you know, for someone who is living with their parents. Thanks mom!



One thought on “My Uptown visiting, Etsy browsing, pattern designing life.

  1. This is so cool! I’m excited to read the interview… her prints are so great! If I come into some money in the near future I’m going to definitely look into them. 🙂 Love the color schemes of your latest designs!

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