Exploring fabric printing and the quest to design a ditsy print

So today, I further explored the option of getting my patterns printed onto fabric. I ordered, as I mentioned in a post about a month or so ago, a swatch of one of my prints on Spoonflower’s Free Swatch Day. The swatch has since arrived in the mail, but unfortunately, I have yet to make anything from it, although it did turn out nicely.

Spoonflower, for those who aren’t familiar, is a website that will print anyone’s designs onto fabric and will also allow designers, like me, to post their designs for others to print.  In return for someone else buying your pattern, the designer earns 10% commission.  Being the …erm… unemployed lady that I am, I was drawn to the idea that I might actually be able to make a little money from my work.

Previously, when I originally set up the account, I only uploaded the one design to print. Today, I decided to just post everything to my account and see what came of it. Then I realized that you need to order a proof of your design before you can sell it. Which costs money. Ugh. Meaning, you, my reader and biggest fan, might have to wait a bit before you can buy Little Dipper fabrics. But, the day will come. I hope. Donations are always welcome.

As I continue to post patterns to my Spoonflower account, I couldn’t help but wonder… just kidding, not going there. I sound like Carrie Bradshaw. And if you didn’t get that reference, I’m proud of you. I guess I’m not really wondering per se if anyone will buy my prints, but rather hoping they will. You know, eventually, when I can get this whole operation set up.

I think the middle one needs to switch to a new moisturizer.

In the meantime, all my Spoonflower investigating led me to enter one of their weekly contests: Create a Ditsy Print. Now, maybe you’re a cool kid and know what a ditsy print is, but I have to admit, I had to do a little googling to figure it out. Apparently, its a floral print, commonly used for clothing. AOL news even did a “Trend Spotlight” on it. I bet you feel dumb now for not knowing what it was. Anyways, I thought that sounded like an easy enough task, and I needed a new project for Little Dipper. Hence, I created my version of a ditsy pattern. Man, I don’t like that term. I feel so weird using it. Oh wellsies. Here’s the result:

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading and I promise there are more good patterns to come. I’ve got a lot stockpiled at the moment just waiting to be posted.




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