Three sides, Three ways

I got back on the metaphorical horse today, spending my afternoon at Starbucks working on job applications. After an enjoyable weekend that included helping my dad choose new glasses, getting stuffed to the brim with Indian food, and watching the Emmys, I was ready to get back to the search. It was a pretty great weekend though. I enjoyed getting back to my roots, working on that dress redo and posting it proudly to Craftster. I haven’t done that in over a year. For those of you who may not have heard of it, is a site where anyone can post their craft projects online. Its a fun way to share your work with other people who might actually appreciate it. I have posted to the site on and off since high school, so it felt good to visit again, knowing I had something to share.

I also resumed my design work this weekend, creating several projects to be posted over the next couple of days. These patterns were piggy-backing off of these two designs that I had posted before. I liked the ideas of putting triangles together again, but also really enjoyed working with the clean polygons that I used in the hexagon pattern.  So, I combined the two, making a range of playful patterns that work both together and independently. For the first project, I wanted to see how the patterns would look on products… like plates, and coffee mugs. All the patterns are versatile and could also be used for other things like desktop images and twitter backgrounds.

Number 1Number 2

Number 3Tahhhh dahhhh! Anyways… Picture the mugs with the pattern wrapped all the way up the edges and around it. My Photoshop kept quitting when I tried to use the vanishing point feature, so I had to improvise. I would love to know what you think!

More to come, Liz





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