My laptop is like new, I have patterns to share, and Project Runway was on last night…YAY!

So after dropping off Kelsey at the airport and working out, I was able to pick up my computer. They replaced the keyboard and track pad along with the bottom piece, so it looks like new! Oh joy! In other news (although related I guess), I’m finally able to post my new designs! These are both desktop patterns and don’t tile, although I’m sure I’ll revisit them in the future. I chose pink just because, but please let me know if you have other color requests! I really do love any and all feedback I get from this.

Also, I watched Project Runway last night. It was glorious as predicted as was the pie.  The episode had kids on it, and I wasn’t sure how it would all work out. However, the kids were pretty cute, especially Laura’s partner, a thoughtful 11 year-old, and entertaining, like Viktor’s little artist, Skyy, who was brimming with ermmm…confidence the whole time. They picked my favorite dress as the winner, which was designed by Anthony Ryan. He’s so sassy and a great designer, definitely one of my favorites and a front-runner for fashion week. If I had to predict now who the final 3 would be I would choose Anthony Ryan, Viktor, and Kimberly…. but I do love Anya, even though I thought she wouldn’t make it past the first week, Oliver, even if he is a little boring, and Laura, whose such a sweetie, but I don’t know that she’ll be able to make it all the way to the end. So far, its a very promising season and I have been enjoying every minute of sewing room chaos and Tim Gunn critiques. Can’t wait for next week!


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