Savoring the last days of summer

What is it with musical episodes of hour long dramas? I mean I already posted about Ally McBeal within the last month, so I think its best to avoid another rant, however, I just want to say, really? Really. Ok, done.

The day I made this next project was a great day. Great coffee. Great pizza. Great friends. oh and also… great horchata, great burrito, great scone, great beer, great big stomach ache. But, don’t worry, it was well worth it. As I was sitting at the coffee shop, stomach aching, but in a good way, I made these designs. Obviously, I finished watching this week’s Project Runway before entering Illustrator. Great episode, by the way. I love Nina Garcia.

My time in Evanston is winding down, so I have been trying to fit everything in. Last deep dish pizza, last Kuma’s Corner, last Fritz Pastry, etc, etc. Its sad, of course, but also good, in a way, to have an excuse to do all of my favorite things one last time. Today is Sunday. The best day. I am sitting at Fritz, just having finished an chocolate almond croissant (YES, those do exist and they are delicious) contemplating my eventual return to the BEST WHOLE FOODS ON EARTH. I guess I’m not sure what I’m getting at here, just that, things are changing and I have to savor the time I have left. Friends (you know who you are), thanks for a great summer, but really. You made the job search as enjoyable as possible and I will miss you lots.

Ugh, ok, I promise I won’t get sappy on you anymore. But really, its been a great summer, even if I did spend 95% sitting in coffee shops.

So here are my new patterns! I want to continue to mess around with the flowers a little more to see if I can make a print. Anyways… Enjoy!


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