New Projects and Updates, yo.

last week's PR... waiting for this week

I feel as though I have been posting a little less than I want to be. I have a lot of things that I have been meaning to blog about just because I think you, as an avid follower of Little Dipper, might want to know about my life. Let’s see… I still haven’t blogged about how I applied to be an NBC Page, how I watched a documentary on Milton Glaser, that I started reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, that I have been listening exclusively to Watch the Throne on repeat for that past 2 days, or that I went to the Art Institute. OR that Jeremy and I discovered footage of Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation) on Boy Meets World. That may have been the highlight of my week. AND, I almost forgot, I watched the last episode of Project Runway. Stilts are weird. I was not a fan.

First off, I finished lucky job application number 30. The employer: NBC. The job: East-Coast Page. You may be thinking, “that’s interesting. I didn’t realize you were into television.” And, for your information, I do not support that response. What you should  be thinking is. “You’re going to be Kenneth!” i.e. Kenneth Parcel, NBC page and character on 30 Rock, who I may or may not have quoted in my cover letter. So about a month ago, Jeremy and I made a pact that we would apply to be NBC pages. We were already applying to a couple jobs a day…what was one more cover letter? We also considered applying to work for a paper company in Scranton or the Parks and Recreation Department in an obscure Indiana town. However, we settled on the page program because, honestly, it would be a pretty cool job. And we weren’t completely unqualified. So there’s that.

Let’s see… what else did I say I was going to address *scrolls to top of post* Oh yes, Milton Glaser. I watched the documentary To Inform & Delight, which is on Netflix instant view if you’re interested. If you are unfamiliar with designer, Glaser’s, work, think again. I bet you are. He designed the iconic I [heart] NY logo as well as an array of other work that you may have seen. Though he started out doing more commercial design and working for New York Magazine, his career and success eventually led him to do more political work, like these buttons (below left). It was an interesting film and very inspiring. I liked it. And it was on my list of movies to see. Which means double-win.

I also started reading the book Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathon Safran Foer. I would quote it, but I think it would ruin it. you should just read it. One line I did think was incredibly witty (and I’m not sure why) was this line about mencils, you know, pencils for men. Maybe I’m just into puns, but I loved it. It also reminded me of Femident Toothpaste in that one episode of Flight of the Conchords. Watch it below before they take it off YouTube. Its sooo funny.

You are a woman you wear women’s wear.
You have breast and longish hair, oh yeah.
You’re kind-of found everywhere,
yet you’re still very rare, oh yeah.
You’re a woman and you love to weave.
You’re a woman, you have woman’s needs.
I know you love women’s rights.
You’re a woman with teeth now take a bite.

Wow. Anyways, thats where my train of thought went on that… I guess you understand me more now?

I guess the only other notable thing was finding that video of BENJY WYATT on Boy Meets World. He plays a character named Griff Hawkins. Nuff said. View below. Also, if you don’t watch Parks and Rec, you may not find this quite as amusing as I did. However, if you do watch it, and watched Boy Meets World as a child, this video will definitely have an impact on you. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry (because you’ll realize you’re childhood is gone). And you’ll be glad you read this. And, again, let me restate that finding this video was the highlight of my week.

Well, then, did you get through all my jabbering? Are you expecting a project. Look people I was too busy doing this…

Art Institute: Modern Wing. I'm so cultured, what?

No, really, I have been busy the last couple of days. BUT, I do have a couple of projects to post. More greeting cards! Yayayayayaaaaa! At least thats how I feel!


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