The last installment: Done with desktop patterns and accepting requests!

2 thumbs up.You may or may not have seen my tweet about this iPhone case. I really like it. If I was rich (or employed) I might purchase it, but for now, I am enjoying its mere existence and hoping someone will buy it for me. Do I have enough readers to ask for free stuff yet? Anyways… I really liked the design and it inspired me to make this next desktop pattern. Yes, I know, I’m in a bit of a rut, but keep in mind that I made all of these the same afternoon and thus cannot be blamed for their stagnant color palette and similar scale…right? To quote Jay-Z, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” Does that apply here? I think it should.

So anyways, this was my first attempt.

Oh hey… I still kinda like this after not seeing it for 2 days. So after I had the basic shapes down…shit got crazy. I started experimenting with the strokes and really liked the effect. Then, I started to wonder if The Strokes were into graphic design. Then, I wondered if I have too much time on my hands.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “stroke” (hey Mom!), it means the outline around an object. A stroke of 1 pt would give your object a border of 1 pixel (not very big). I added a very large stroke to each object from the top image (around 100 pt) to get the below affect.

Making the stroke really thick totally changed the whole effect of the design. It went from being light and simple to graphic and playful. It almost reminds me of Matisse, not to put myself in the same category as Matisse, but it looks like it could have been cut from paper. Anywhoooo… I gotta work on some more designs tonight. After I watch Project Runway #timgunn  Please let me know if you have any requests!!



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