A cover letter a day keeps the therapist away

So I have decided that even if I only apply to one job a day, I feel productive, but not overwhelmed. At this point I’m almost up to 30 applications, so it makes sense that I have slowed my search some, but I’m definitely not giving up. I had my internship today, thus was exhausted when I got home, hence took a horrifically long nap, and therefore did not get my daily dose of Ally. Nevertheless, the weekend is just around the corner and I’m sure I’ll get my fix of the Biscuit soon enough. AND Tim Gunn. Unfortunately, I don’t get Lifetime, so Project Runway watching will be my top priority after work.

I made an excess of designs yesterday, so I’m going to post the next installment now. These next couple designs are good for desktop patterns as well (sorry, you inspired me to do more, Kels!). Check it. There are some neutrals for the serious adults and some colorful ones for the crazies.

and finally… using the same color palette from the honeycomb design yesterday:

Enjoy these! I’m gonna get some sleep because unlike Wiz Khalifa claims no sleep isn’t exactly my style. At least not when I have to be downtown at 9 am.

xoxo, Liz Khalifa


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