Make it work: Watching Project Runway and making things for Kels Kels

So I finally watched project runway from last week and I have to say, I agreed with Heidi. I liked Anthony Ryan’s design best. Its not that I hated Oliver’s outfit, but I just loved the bird seed detailing of the runner up. I think Oliver is a great designer and I’m excited to see what he does next, but come on… how many people can really pull off a sherpa top? Not many. And, although it was a little “Barbie,” I loved Joshua’s top made from aquarium rocks. I would totally wear that. If, you know, I had an occasion to wear it. As for the rest of the styling, I agree with Nina, I’m not a huge fan.

From left to right: Anthony Ryan, Joshua, Oliver

I will say, as a general statement, that I am so happy Project Runway is back. This crop of designers seems to have a lot of potential. I think the contestants always shine when they’re given, as Tim calls it, “unconventional materials” to work with. I don’t know what it is, but they really seem to step up to the plate when given the opportunity. Some of my favorite unconventional material gems over the years? Season 2, Daniel V and the flower dress. Season 4 Rami and the pleated candy wrapper dress. Season 3, Robert and the “rip apart your apartment” challenge.

my boy, Daniel V.

the Hershey's Challenge -- Rami FTW

Robert's dress in one of the first challenges. LOVE.

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, my sister Kelsey recently visited me here.  I felt a little lost on what project to do next for the blog, so I asked her if she needed anything. She said, “I want a new desktop pattern, something in red maybe? With stuff on the sides, like a pattern or something.” So articulate that Kelsey. Anyways, I came up with 2 options for her (both 1280×800, but if you want another size, please comment — its easy enough to make another size!). I also came up with a variation on the second option for those who may want a more subdued palette.

I’m pretty happy with the results. I just wanted to make something simple and fun. I hope she’s reading this and decides to use one of my ideas!


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