I’m a Belieber: My spankin’ new portfolio and a blast from the past

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ok ok ok… I might have been a little busier the last couple days than I was the days (week/lifetime) before that. First, I spent the last 2 days re-doing my portfolio for the second time in this summer. I really think it is better now though thanks to some sage advice from a friend in the industry. Shout out to TAMMY!

Second, I started a job/internship on Monday. While I know I’m still getting paid an hourly wage and its not like a real real person job, it still feels good to be doing something with my day instead of lugging my MacBook from coffee shop to coffee shop. Ahhh man, those were the days/still are the days when I’m off work. It has been a pretty ermmm interesting job so far. I’m basically putting together a database of all magazines sold for tablets (iPad, Kindle, nook, etc.) and putting them into a massive spreadsheet. It can be a little mind numbing, except for today when I found this gem.

Beliebers: Subscribe today!

Is it really possible that enough tweens (who own kindles) would create enough demand for a magazine like this? How is it possible there is enough to write about in each issue? How many articles can be written about the perfect shampoo? Ok…I’ve asked too many questions in a row. I just can’t think of anything else to say about this publication. I mean, come on. Who said journalism was dead? I’m sure this is super hard hitting news. If not, there’s always “Quiz Time!”

So, thats what I have been up to. Work and WordPress. I didn’t exactly “design” anything today, but I did take a lot of things that I’ve already designed and put them in a nicer format… Does that count for something? Maybe. You decide. I mean, check THIS out:

nice, right?

I will post something else today that I think you might enjoy. I recently took a stroll down memory lane only to discover that I may have been a hipster baby myself (as was my sister — look at those “ironic” overalls!). I mean I’m wearing opaque tights, an asymmetrical (see cuffs) mock turtleneck — super alternative, and my knees were as wide as my ankles…plus, check out those shoelaces.

analog camera? you bet. over-sized sunglasses? most def.

Downsides to this picture being a perfect “hipster baby” match: for one, I’m smiling. I should be looking off into the distance or caught mid-laugh — oh, camera! you were taking a picture of me?   Also, to be fair, its probably not so hipster that these clothes are from Gymboree…in the 90s…when they were new…and not from American Apparel.  Its so much more, dare I say it, mainstream that way. But hey, maybe I did that ironically. One can only hope.

I’ll try and post another project tomorrow! However, my sister (pictured above, though slightly older now) is in Chicago til Tuesday so…don’t get too excited. She might actually want to do something. UGH. #theworst #tourist

ohhh I kid. But really, don’t hold your breath.


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