Using Greek doors as inspiration for pattern – Sometimes life is more beautiful untampered with

I’m going to be completely honest. I am tired. I do not feel witty. I made these yesterday. They are not perfect, but then again, neither am I.

I’m watching a No Reservations marathon. Anthony Bourdain is making me hungry. And making me wish I was him. How is that even a job? I’m starting to understand why my friend Jeremy is hoping Bourdain will die and his position as host of No Reservations will be posted on CareerCat, Northwestern’s job posting site. Maybe that sounded funnier when he said it. Anyways…

One of the reasons I’m so tired is that I started my summer internship today. I know its a little late in the summer to start a new job, but experience is experience and I’m glad to soak it all in while I can (i.e. before my lease runs out). Between getting up early, starring at a computer screen for 6 hours, and making the round trip by el from Evanston to Chicago, I am pooped.

So here was my idea: use photographs I took in Greece as inspirations for patterns. I took so many pictures of these metal grates on doors and windows all over the country, and they are all beautiful. Though I started out with a rather ambitious 6 images to recreate, I ended up with 2 completed patterns. Maybe I will experiment with the others later…but then again, maybe I won’t.  I’m fairly happy with the outcome, but I think a lot of the beauty of the originals comes from the chipped paint, rusted metal, and the way the sun hits it. So… perhaps this project was a learning experience more than an incredibly productive feat. But, that’s ok. Sometimes that happens.

First attempt:

Second attempt:


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