Slowly becoming pattern obsessed: Studies in the three-sided polygon

As I sit in the Lincoln Park Whole Foods, I am struck by a couple of things. First, my coffee is getting a little tepid and I’m regretting not investing in Joulies. Go to that link and you’ll see. Joulies are definitely something I didn’t realize I needed until I realized I needed them. Just wait. You’ll soon realize you need them too.

I want.I’m also struck by the abundance of hipster babies. My friend Andy (@andyhob) happens to be an expert on theses ironic bundles of joy having spotted a fedora clad toddler lounging by the lake earlier this spring. Today, WF is crawling with them. Chubby little tots eating organic apple sauce, cloth diaper sticking out the back of their acid wash skinny jeans. Also. If this even qualifies, there appears to be a 13-year-old wearing combat boots, cargo pants, and black Indiana Jones-esque hat. Not sure what he’s going for, but I’m enjoying it.

Hipster baby courtesy of

Also. Did I mention that this Whole Foods has a wine and cheese bar IN THE STORE? AND one of those hi-tech dyson hand driers in the bathroom? AND almond milk next to the half and half (cleverly labeled .5 & .5) to put in your coffee? Where am I?! All I know is I don’t want to leave. Ever. But enough about paradise on North Kingsbury Street! On to the point of this post: my latest project.

Somewhere in between listening to the Tallest Man on Earth’s “The Dreamer” on repeat and talking to my sister on the phone, I was able to produce this next pattern. Before you peek at the pattern, please take a moment to think about how great triangles are and listen to this song.

Just think…triangles. Any architect will tell you its the strongest shape, in terms of its structural properties. Beyond that, just look at all of the mathematical properties centered around the triangle: the Pythagorean theorem, everyone’s favorite trigonometry mnemonic device, Sohcahtoa (I know you get me math majors), and all the cool names (obtuse, scalene, oblique, isosceles, equilateral, acute…right – not quite as cool, but whatever). And just in case all this math stuff wasn’t getting you excited about triangles, let me share with you something else.

Need I say more?

So, there you have it. Triangles are awesome. I still have that song in my head. My coffee is getting past its ideal temperature and I want to stay at Whole Foods in Lincoln Park for the rest of my life.

Also. I want you to see my socah-tastic, hova-rific, hipster-baby-approved latest creation…. tah dah!

As with the other patterns these designs blend together seamlessly and are great for use on both twitter and desktop patterns. Hope you enjoy!


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