Flower Power, Crazy Daisy — brighten your twitter with a new backdrop!

So maybe I’m deranged, but I seem to be much more into this pattern than the last. In fact, I’m becoming a little obsessed with it. As much as Charlie (see last post) was a muse for my Frank Lloyd Wright inspired creation–if you could even call it that–Brothers & Sisters was the backdrop in which I made these next couple gems.

I was feeling the summer vibe while creating this pattern. I also wanted to continue experimenting with illustration. I liked the “Flora and Fauna” pattern, but I wanted to build on what I had learned and see if I could make something a little more complex. I really liked the effect I got when I made the design more colorful versus having a just one color for all the outlines. This allowed for a more playful affect. I also think, however, that this design works as a more simple 2-color design, as seen in the black and white versions.

All variations on this daisy print work well for both twitter backgrounds and desktop patterns. In fact, I just changed my personal twitter background to one of the prints!

Please enjoy and use these if you like them. If you do choose to use them for your twitter account, I wouldn’t mind a mention (@LilDipperDesign) if you don’t mind!


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