Finding Mr. Wright: getting inspired by the King of Prairie Style…and a ballet dancer named Charlie

I was feeling a little more structured as I designed these images. Perhaps it was to counteract my last design, which was more free-form and sketchy or maybe I was inspired by my muse, Charlie, of Center Stage fame. Ladies, I know you feel me. So I

While still a second to Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlie definitely made the list of "hotties" when I was in 6th grade

bet you may have guessed what I was watching last night. Isn’t it strange to revisit movies that you loved as an adolescent only to find that you still remember every line of the movie (although when you watched it as a 14-year-old you somehow felt as though you could really “relate” to the characters)?

Exhibit A:

Mother talks to daughter about *gasp!* quitting ballet. Daughter says to mother, “I’m not you, Mom. You didn’t have the feet. I don’t have the heart.”

So dramatic and yet, so TRUE.

Anyways… on to the creations (if you could call them that). I was feeling a little inspired by Charlie, and a lot inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. After taking a trip to Oak Park

Window from the playroom in Wright's home

earlier this year to see some of Wright’s early houses and original studio, I have been wanting to do my own experiments with his stained glass style. He mixes the soft with the hard to create beautiful images, many inspired by nature. The tulip windows were my favorite when taking the tour (pictured on right).

I know I’m no master and it doesn’t need to be said that my attempts are a far cry from Wright’s masterpieces, but again, Little Dipper Design is supposed to be about experimentation — good and bad. I don’t know that I’m completely happy with my final products, but I don’t hate it. I might revisit this idea later on, but for now, here are my creations.


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