the Little Dipper takes the plunge

Here it is. Day 1 of my experiment. Can I come up with new content for a design blog every day for the rest of the summer? Other bloggers have succeeded swimmingly at this feat, but can I? And, honestly, I’m not talking content like an interesting article to discuss or a new website I discovered. No. I want to make things. I want to post things that other people can enjoy, download, and pass on to their friends…unless they happen to really suck (I mean its not like I’m Van Gogh or anything). But even if they DO suck, I’m doing this for me, to keep me sane and to improve my skills.

OK, so here’s the deal, I have always loved sewing and painting, but, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I don’t know) those types of crafts require almost complete concentration i.e. MacBook separation anxiety. Being in the middle of a 24/7 job search to find a career fit for a grown woman, I feel the need to be near to my flat-screened companion as much as possible.  Beyond that whole “concentration” element, these more traditional arts require supplies that cost money that I don’t have.  On the flip side, designing graphics is basically free once you have a computer and the Adobe Creative Suite (thanks Dad!). So here on out, Little Dipper Design is to become my summer side project.

I pledge to post my weekly creations, good and bad, to this blog. You down with LDD? Yeah. You know me.


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